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So I’ve been more than absent for the last few months but my life has been pretty hectic. In September I started my graduate trainee-ship in London (unfortunately I can’t discuss which library it is until the social media policy is blueprinted). I am now into my sixth week and so far I’m loving library life. Obviously the habitat is a haven, you can almost breathe the academia through your lungs and i’m intoxicated with the “free bar” of books and journals I have access to. More than anything, I feel absolutely privileged to have become a part of the every-day fabric of a library that has played a significant role in knitting the bones of literature and culture in England for almost a hundred and fifty years. The staff and members of the institution are bound by a bilateral affliction with learning, education and the establishment itself and these attitudes transpire to create a uniquely wonderful atmosphere in which to work and develop. As a graduate trainee, I am truly given the opportunity to explore the multi-faceted aspects academic librarianship. The program so far has been thorough and all-encompassing, offering inductions to all departments so we can learn about the different functions within libraries.

I have written a few posts already without publishing them, I am going to retrospectively publish them now and hopefully, I can continue to add all the things I learn as I advance and I (and anyone considering librarianship as a career) can use the blog as an in depth account of the inauguration and cultivation of a career in libraries. Enjoy…


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