A Merry Literary Christmas

As Christmas approaches, in the name of festive fun I thought I would share some of the seasonal gifts and chance encounters the library has delivered during the countdown this month. Forget turtle doves, French hens and partridges in pear trees; who needs those when you can have these instead….? (Please note this is more fun when you read the following in your head along to the tune of the twelve days of Christmas!)

  • A cake baked by Victoria Hislop
  • Chocolates from Sir Tom Stoppard
  • A meeting with Virginia woolf’s great grand niece
  • Virginia Woolf’s original membership form from 1904
  • A date to meet K. A. S Quinn
  • A casual brush past Stephen Fry
  • Lunchtime reading the original yellow book
  • And five golden krispy Kreme donut rings!
  • (and an unfortunate encounter with Jeremy Paxman where I pointed him in the wrong direction and had to run after him like a weirdo)


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