Life after my graduate traineeship

So I’m the very first person to admit how wholly negligent I’ve been of my little old blog this past six months but I won’t waste time making excuses up for that. I can only hope that the reader feels that what is to follow in this post half justifies my silence.

the last time I wrote was February, I had written up a visit to The City of London School’s library courtesy of David who kindly planned my visit to coincide with the visit of journalist and children’s writer Mrs Quinn. A lot has happened in this small space of time and as is often the way in life, a re-surfacing of the past prompts one to comparatively evaluate the then with the now. This has happened to me of late in the form of a summer party at my old work place- yes that’s right, my OLD workplace, for I can no longer call myself a graduate trainee of The London Library.

it was shortly after the time of my visit to David’s library that Glen recruitment approached me via LinkedIn asking me if I would be interested in attending an interview at a city law firm for an assistant position in their information services department. Though I was uncomfortable with the feeling of duplicity that was gnawing at my bones I couldn’t help but think it would do no harm to at least check it out. After a second interview, I was offered the job and was faced with an extremely difficult decision. Though I’d loved my time at The London Library and was fully aware of what a unique and amazing experience it was to work there, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would end soon inevitably and this opportunity of gaining experience in such a different sphere of library work would be invaluable to me. I took the plunge and here I am, at Clyde and Co, a City law firm.

I’m enjoying all of the new things I’m learning so much and the work involved is completely different to that of my graduate traineeship but I’ll blog about this in more detail in another post. The main aim here is to disclose all of the news (because yes – there’s more)!

Two weeks ago I applied to Robert Gordon University to begin my Msc in Information Management. It’s been on my mind all year and I’ve probably utilised so much energy considering exactly how I can make this happen. But I’ve finally gone for it. I would have liked to have been able to learn part time at City University London but right now, it just isn’t feasible for me to be able to physically attend a university. So I’ve plumped for online distance learning which I’m a little apprehensive about; I’ve never learned like this before and I think it will be stressful alongside a full time job but I’m confident that I can make it work.

I’m also very happy with the course content too as it covers pretty much all of the aspects I feel are important to learn about and let’s face it – if you weren’t getting every penny’s worth out of the £8,000 sum you’d be a bit of a sucker. I can see why most universities ask for at least 12 months experience before doing the course as I only just now feel that I have been ready to make the decision about exactly what I want to learn and which directions I hope my career will go in.


I’ll leave it at this for now but with all of the new knowledge and information that will inevitably be bombarding me soon I vow to recognise the importance of reflecting on my experiences in this blog and I hope to write much more regularly.

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