Thing 1: Blogging

I’ve been seeing this R23 icon popping up on people’s blogs lately so I thought I’d check it out! I must give credit where it is due here, I originally saw it on Amy Ward’s blog – It turns out that our awfully resourceful and conscientious Western Irish librarian counterparts have been busy sharing their Web 2.0 skills in the form of rudai23, a 23 part course which acts like a whistle-stop your through some of the different web based tools and resources which are useful to librarians and information professionals. As if this wasn’t enough you get a certificate once you’ve completed your 23 things – (this is more appealing than cheese and wine). before I started on my path to librarianship I was a total techno-phobe; I was a fan of walkmans for far longer than I should have been, I was the sort of person who always wrote two copies: a “draft” and a “best”, and to me, computers were merely the harbingers of mild convulsions; brought on by the dread of technical issues which were surely to ensue if I entered within a two metre radius of one. The audacity of an object, to pose as an “intelligent” form and strip me of my basic human right to feel that lovely bond between the pen in my hand and the page beneath it was simply incomprehensible. I resisted. I pushed into my university years with the stubborn mind-set of a headstrong child; whilst macs and tablets popped up around me in the lecture hall, I tenaciously persisted with my unyielding collection of scrawling, page-curled notes and proudly endured the smug surrounding faces of my peers whose wrists remained quite intact, unscathed from manic scribing and whose notes were electronic, intangible but free from the plume of smoke which may as well have occupied the space surrounding my pen. I feel my point has been adequately proved. My first experience of “blogging” was that of a friend I used to work with at a student bar, she was so enthused about it and clearly hoped that her “work” would be “recognised” and that some eagle-eyed corporate business would eventually “snap her up” for the her high quality analytical insight into the various complex properties of Rimmel lipstick (yes Chanel was more glamorous but it wasn’t appealing to her target audience). I remained less than impressed. Social media was similarly uninspiring; who really wants a running commentary of Kim kardashian’s life? But I realise now that I had experienced these applications in all the wrong contexts, I couldn’t conceive how useful they could be. I’ve now worked hard to embrace more tools like this, its a purely 21st century phenomenon where the discovery of an app can (in the most non-hyperbolic way possible) change your life! It’s also great when you share these things with people who haven’t yet come into contact with them; only months ago my Dad had to delegate the task of “texting” to his employees, now every time I call him he’s bragging that his “contemporary wood grain furniture” board on pinterest has more followers than his interior designer’s. I won’t even go into the questionably “underground” music he seems to be discovering on soundcloud – erm yes father, I saw that DJ at a rave in an industrial car park in North London last week… how have you heard of them again? And then you have those of us whose lives are unknowingly being infiltrated – I used my Nana’s bathroom the other day and was startled to see a wall hanging that said #EPIC. “Do you know what this means, Nana?”, I asked, “Oh dear no, I thought it was a pretty Chinese symbol or something, is it rude?”. I digress! The lesson to be learned is that social media and Web 2.0 applications are increasingly becoming intertwined with all spheres of our lives. I started my blog just over a year ago to document all things library related, and so I shall continue to do so with my rudai23 course.

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