Thing 4: Google

I feel like I’m being a bit of a rinky-dink-swindle-your-stockings-cheater for this “thing” because Google and the various platforms it offers are no new mistress to me. I have indeed flirted with google in her multitudinous guises before and have had a gmail account for at least two years. The great thing about this course is that I’ve been forced to re-address the tools which I have fallen out of the habit of using.

I like gmail because it offers the chance to organise your emails into categories which is useful. I still don’t use it as my primary email address though which I can only attribute to habit. I’ve always used my hotmail simply because I had it longer.

The google+ is a great format and good idea but realistically I know that it’s quite unlikely I will become a heavy user of this. I know that you can never say never and as life speeds along, circumstances change and along with those, so do our needs. In this respect I am grateful for the chance to become familiar with these functions for the potentiality of future use. I can’t rule out that in the future, google+ may just be exactly what I need for some far off, distant, unborn project which is yet to manifest itself in my life. However for now, I’m happy with other similar platforms which serve their purpose more than efficiently. The purpose of these tools are to aid us so and It’s important to get the balance right rather than over-saturate our digital networks.

Google drive is a great idea though it seems very similar to Dropbox which is the cloud space I currently use. 

I have joined the r23 community on google+ and am awaiting another hangout to take place as I don’t know that any of my friends or colleagues use it.

Google keep is quite a handy little thing for keeping notes and lists but I’ve got into the habit of using Evernote which is rather more sophisticated.

This task has been quite an easy one for me but I’ve been an eager beaver and peeked ahead at some of the future tasks and I’m looking forward to pushing myself with some tools and applications that I’m less familiar with and that I know will present a bigger challenge!

Loving the experience of R23 so far!

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