#Thing8: Curation Tools

Thing 8 is a librarian’s (is wet too rude?) dream: exploring the best resources to display and present information in a variety of different ways… erm “hello, somebody called?”

I’m already a huge fan of pinterest, It’s such a simple idea i’m secretly seething I didn’t think of it first. I mean well of course I did but then the idea was stolen right out of my hands and then some one injected me with memory loss serum… Anywho, I’ve always been an advocate from day one and use my board religiously for recipes, books and pretty much anything I find Screenshot 2015-08-18 15.32.46interesting. What’s worse is that I’ve pushed family members into similar addictions and all I can say is, Lord only knows what the living room is going to look like next time I visit my parents’ house… all because of pinterest! I think it’s the simplicity that speaks volumes; I use it as a personal curation tool but I can also see it as an incredible learning tool for classrooms and as information boards for libraries.

As a child me and my nerdy little friend – I won’t drag him into my sorry state of affairs by naming him – used to love making “Information pages”, we would choose a random topic, research it and then present the information on a beautifully presented plaque (usually cut from the back of a cereal packet). I even remember choosing cereal based on the size and sturdiness of the box all in the name of my beloved information pages! Can you imagine if a time traveller knocked on our door and presented us with pinterest!? I think I would have cried with joy for at least 7 consecutive days (Though I admit I was the girl who preferred the boxes more than the presents that came inside them on Christmas day). Unfortunately the bond with my friend never progressed past junior school; we both went to different high schools and he drew a questionable self-portrait of himself which was eternally printed on our “Class leavers tea-towel” and it forced me to ask if he thought of himself as a cockroach. Children are harsh critics. So our relationship ended here but my relationship with information was just beginning.

Pinteresting is a very visual tool and I think we all know from the infographic craze that our brains digest information more easily when it is presented in a visually pleasing format. It’s a perfect brainstorming tool and easily allows you to create your own moodboard on any topic. I’ve seen everything from dinosaur classroom project boards to oddly shaped furniture boards. All you can do is marvel at the ingeniousness of a six foot bookshelf in the shape of Great Britain!

I decided to explore Storify for this “thing” as I had never used it before and flipboard looked like a similar concept to other applications I’ve used whereas storify offers a slightly unique way of presenting information. Having used it, again, I can see it being a great tool for learning. It’s incredibly easy to use and would be good for anything chronology based. I’ve seen #uklibchat’s storify of the August twitter conversation; although it worked well I found it a little too similar to the original twitter chat itself (with some of the creases and overlaps ironed out of course) but I think I prefer the good old fashioned write-up.

The only annoying thing I noticed was that when I went back to correct any spelling mistakes I had made it kept automatically changing back to the incorrect spelling again, I’m not sure why this was but it was very irritating and therefore my storify probably has mistakes in it which, after three attempts at changing I just gave up and moved on.


Imaginitively, the theme for my Storify was “My Rudai 23 Experience so far”. Click Here to see my storify!

I’d also like to address the fact that I have cheekily skipped thing 7 but I’m creating the content for my podcast which is time consuming so I’m treating it as an on-going side project.




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