#Thing 9 Screencast

During the first few “Things” of my Rudai 23 experience I drifted down the lazy river, mojhito in hand nonchalantly commenting on the pleasant scenery, occasionally mooring up on the riverbank for a short while to examine the few and infrequent alien flyingyacht43wildlife which I could easily determine the species of after a little closer inspection. Thing 9 sneaked right up behind me and pulled my  little yellow raft right out from underneath my frilly, polka-dot encased, sedentary little behind and slapped me square in the face with it. I hasten to add, before my fellow R23 participants exclaim in protest – “But where is my complimentary cocktail and why was I not introduced to this luscious yet fictional haven of a lazy river” – yes I hasten to add that of course I am speaking metaphorically here. What I mean to say is that though some concepts were new to me before now, most of them I’d at least heard of and though I’d been forced to use them in different ways and explore them on a deeper level my heart rate had, until now, remained calmly below any erratic level. And then came the Screencast!

I did however really enjoy doing this because it made me feel like a wizard! My screencast is very short, a little blurry and the integration of the subtitles to the actions on screen is about as synchronised as Cheryl Cole on stage (It’s ok Chezza – we know you can’t sing but you’re beautiful enough to get away with it).

I chose to use Screencastomatic purely on Wayne’s recommendations though considering the fact that this was based on the time constraints imposed by the other software, I don’t think my 1 minute 44 second video would have been too much of a match. I was really quite daunted by this task and therefore I hope that no one reprimands me for the length or quality of my video. I may be speaking negatively but my jove I feel victorious regardless! I’m not aware that I have any microphone capacities on my work computer (which is where I did the deed) and after fiddling around for ten minutes I couldn’t seem to determinate any sound so I resolved to add subtitles afterwards (which in my opinion was the hardest part – some things happen for a reason).

The context of my video was entirely simple –  it was a short demonstration on how to access the catalogue from our intranet, how to search for books and how to borrow and return them. This sounds incredibly simple but my goodness, you wouldn’t believe the amount of lawyers here who don’t know what it means to “check a book out”, they slip through life stealing them off the shelves only ever to return them after being prompted by desperate plea and even then they’ll sneak it back on the shelf while no one’s looking! I digress. I knew that to attempt anything too complex would be absolute foolishness and I’m glad I took this decision. As Wayne said, it was very easy to upload to youtube and once I had done this, I watched the video on how to add subtitles.

This is where it got crazy. Firstly I got a little confused and was adding “Speech bubbles” and “Labels” which I suppose would have done the trick but they weren’t subtitles. I deleted what I had done and started again. Considering the short length of my video it certainly took me long enough to add all of the necessary subtitles. What I struggled with was pinpointing the right drive-inmoment for the subtitle to appear. I also wish I could have found out how to make each subtitle stay on screen for a longer time bracket. I’m sure there is a way which I will look into if I ever need to do this in future again. I did feel myself getting the hang of it more and more towards though and once I’d finally finished adding them I was quite impressed with my work. Of course its completely underserving of this pride but, you know – the small things in life… Unfortunately the video came out a little blurred – all I can think is that perhaps my screen is too zoomed out or too large?

I won’t be going crazy to push this in people’s faces as its boring as hell and not great but the important thing here is that I’ve learned how to do it and I think it’s a useful tool which I will bear in mind for the future. In my previous library we had a new catalogue designed and when it was launched all hell broke loose amongst the members who were predominantly pensioners. I had to calm a sea of angry perms every day for weeks as the team and I spent hours and hours training and providing guidance and printing leaflets and how-to guides. This would have been a great idea for the poor confused souls!

I’ve really enjoyed this task and feel that it is acceptable to add “film Producer” as a skill on my LinkedIn profile. I shall celebrate with a chocolate mousse tonight. Amen!

Click here to see my video. Can be used as an alternative to sleeping pills. Use at own Risk. Please note I think you have to actively turn the subtitles on to see them!

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