#Thing 10: Live Streaming

winter-stream-8x10-black-and-white-landscape-photography_2Last night I watched the google hangout and was really impressed at how smooth things ran; the team did a great job of hosting the chat and despite a few crackly bits, it all came off rather seamlessly considering the fact that it was an international stream. As part of the task for thing 7, I listened to one of the suggested podcasts, “Circulating Ideas” and heard about how Gwyn Stupar and Barbara Alvarez had organised the library onconference in America. I did feel that a lot of the topics they covered weren’t too relevant to me, however I was really inspired to hear about how ordinary librarians had identified that there was a need for people in their profession to discuss ideas without the often heavy price of a conference. I feel that this is what is being similarly achieved with the Rudai 23 course.

I love the innovation in a lot of the initiatives that have come about as a result of librarians identifying a need in their profession; there’s the Rudai23 course, UKLIBCHAT and another example I found just over the weekend is the LISDIS conference which has been organised by three recent library postgrads who feel that library student’ dissertations offer a wealth of quality research which is perhaps neglected once it has served its initial purpose, hence they are organising an event for people to present their work.

In my current role as information assistant at a law firm I can’t see how live streaming would ever fit the remit of the services we provide, however, I think that they’re great for professional development and sharing ideas. I think it’s always going to be important to stay connected to the wider profession no matter what stage you’re at in your career.

Stephanie did a fantastic job of leading the session and made it look really easy though I think if I were in charge of something like that I’d be slightly overwhelmed by the responsibility of overseeing the smooth running of the session, not to mention the twitter feed she was simultaneously keeping an eye on. It was also great to see the faces of our fellow coursemates.

The concept of periscope is extremely interesting, I had a quick flick around on it and in a way it’s quite scary that we’re advancing to capabilities of this nature as a human race- all sorts of things could happen! Inevitably once my head hit the pillow the other night my mind wandered to the things that had occurred during my day and I found myself concocting some crazy situations using periscope as the framework: imagine if a soldier infiltrated enemy ranks posing as an insider and filmed top secret proceedings, imagine if some one was on the verge of death with mysterious symptoms and their lives were saved because of a medically knowledgable viewer… I must stop myself before I get carried away. The point is that this is a technology that could well be the opening of the flood gates to pandemonium. What an interesting time to be alive; I do think that all of this unparalleled freedom is perhaps the most extreme it ever will be and as time progresses we will become more restricted by the rules that inevitably will be imposed.


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