Thing 20: Presentations

team-720291_1280I remember being truly horrified at university when a fellow student had the audacity to suggest an alternative to power point in a project we had to present. How dare they? I truculently reasoned that we had enough change to deal with when Microsoft updated their packages, why on earth would we inflict more strife upon ourselves? Prezi was a relatively new tool and I was resistant to computers back then, never mind new applications on computers that was just one step too far. 

I had taken one look and knew instantly by the professional veneer of it all that it was far too advanced for me. Years later, bad attitude amended and fear of technology semi-subsided, I return to my old nemesis and am surprisingly delighted to find a user friendly application that looks pleasingly polished. 

Having overcome the slightly nauseating slide transition I'm coming to the conclusion that Prezis are in a format that's very conducive to expressing conceptual ideas.

I watched the "learn prezi fast" presentation which did what it said on the tin and away I went. I just used some notes I've made for my course as the content, just to get an idea. 

It seems quite simple but one thing I haven't yet quite conquered is how to change the dimensions of a text box if it wasn't already pre-inserted to the template. The thought has just struck me however that perhaps I can copy and paste one of the text boxes I can seem to change. I did have a look in the searchable know how box but this didn't seem to be covered.

I've enjoyed this "thing" and would be inclined to use prezi in the future for sure.

My presentation is rough around the edges due to the textbox issue I've mentioned but finished is better than nothing - you have to draw the line somewhere! Here it is!

Image from (License CCO)

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